Brickyard Point Farms

is pleased to announce our upgraded pecan cracking and shelling equipment.  Over the past two years we have acquired  and installed new, state-of-the-art, pecan shelling equipment from the industries leader in pecan equipment products, Savage Equipment Company.  Their  "Silver Line series" revolutionizes the capability for processing pecans. This equipment produces a product that is significantly higher in pecan halves with much less unwanted debris and at an incredibly faster rate.  The results of this new equipment has dramatically improved the capabilities of our farm.As always, we continue to provide cracking and shelling services to the local community.  As much as practically possible, we will provide these services while you wait or as you desire.  We urge that you call for an appointment.


Farm: 843-521-1400


Products and Services

Our farm produces a variety of food products for consumers in the Low Country. Primarily as a pecan farm, our focus is to provide quality pecans at competitive or bargain prices. We sell these products both at the farm and at local farmer’s markets.
Many customers choose to visit the farm and purchase pecans in the shell. Our most popular in-shell pecan is the Schley. They are slightly smaller than most pecans and have a medium to thin paper shell, which makes them easy to crack and shell. What makes them in such demand is the high oil content and rich flavor. We have an abundant number of Schley trees yet often experience problems meeting the demands of those that visit the farm. We advise interested customers to call first and place orders for this variety. 
Head :: Text Our next most in-demand pecan is the Stuart. This is a superior pecan with a hard shell. The Stuart is an extremely reliable pecan with almost 100% being of good quality. Even though we grade and inspect all pecans at least twice, there is still a chance that a few pecans will not be good. Our experience has been that the Stuart pecan leads the pack in reliability and has superior nut meat for both cooking or simply eating as they are cracked. At least a quarter of our crop are Stuarts.
The Desirable pecan is also sought after as an excellent in-shell purchase. It is a very large paper shell with an extremely thin shell. This pecan provides large nut meat halves which are easy to produce by hand.
Another large paper shell is the Grey Park Giant. This variety, which originated in Texas, produces very large nut meat halves and is also easy to crack and process. 
The farm produces many other varieties of pecans, most of which are taken directly to the cracker and sheller for processing and sold in our one pound bags.  But there is still one other pecan that is requested at the farm. It is the Frotscher. An old fashion nut that, to the eye, is not very attractive. We have six old trees on the farm which collectively produce about 500 pounds of pecans every “on” year. It is a paper shell with relatively sweet flavor. The beauty of these nuts, is that the market price is much lower than other varieties. So we can sell them to local consumers for a reduced price. Our current market retail price for these pecans is $1.00 per pound. This is a 65% mark down from our other pecans which are also priced low. For cooking, these pecans are a particularly good deal.
Farm Fruits
Currently, our farm produces three fruits for sale to the local community. They are pears, persimmons and pomegranates. Unlike pecans, which only produce nuts every other year (alternate bearing), these fruits are available every fall. The pears and pomegranates become ripe from late August through mid October. The prices are set at the beginning of the season. We have both Asian and Apple pears. The persimmons are a hachiya oriental variety that ripen later in October and November. They are much larger than many other varieties of persimmons. We sell these products at local farmer’s markets but also allow pick your own sales at the farm.
Farm Services
With the recent acquisition of pecan cracking and shelling equipment, we have extended our services to the public.  We provide these services in between farm requirements, it is advised to call before coming out with pecans, to insure we can accommodate your needs. It is best to leave large orders for shelling to be done in the evenings. We try hard to shell pecans in a timely manner.

Some customers only wish to have their pecans cracked. We charge 25 cents a pound for this service. But most prefer to have their pecans be both cracked and shelled which is priced at 35 cents per pound. The pictures below show the difference in the two processes.