Brickyard Point Farms

is pleased to announce our upgraded pecan cracking and shelling equipment.  Over the past two years we have acquired  and installed new, state-of-the-art, pecan shelling equipment from the industries leader in pecan equipment products, Savage Equipment Company.  Their  "Silver Line series" revolutionizes the capability for processing pecans. This equipment produces a product that is significantly higher in pecan halves with much less unwanted debris and at an incredibly faster rate.  The results of this new equipment has dramatically improved the capabilities of our farm.As always, we continue to provide cracking and shelling services to the local community.  As much as practically possible, we will provide these services while you wait or as you desire.  We urge that you call for an appointment.


Farm: 843-521-1400


The Story of Brickyard Point Farms

In the spring of 1968 my parents, Col and Mrs. James P. Rathbun, Sr., purchased a 30 acre tract of what was once a portion of the old Brickyard Point Plantation on Lady’s Island, SC.  It was their dream to finally own a piece of beautiful property after 28 years of constant transient relocations while serving our country and the Marine Corps.  Finally, here was a perfect opportunity to settle down and enjoy all of the amenities of the gracious deep south. The property was a sprawling piece of the Low Country, on the banks of the Cousaw river, overlooking the intercoastal waterway.  They quickly established themselves within the community and became a well known family within Lady’s Island and Beaufort County.
With the abundance of mature pecan trees resident on the old plantation and through ample study and determination dad quickly became the local expert for the production of this crop.   He was a resourceful man with energy and vision.  In the following years, he transformed the property into a magnificent pecan farm with multiple varieties of delicious pecans.   Doing it the hard way, dad planted and grafted pecan trees to the varieties that best fit the desires of his local customers.  He quickly filled most of the acreage of the farm with pecan trees and used the remaining portions to plant persimmon, pear, and pomegranate trees.  To the delight of the local community, dad made the fruits of his labor available to those that wished to enjoy these crops.
Regrettably, in January of 1993, dad passed.   Although  his warm charisma and witty charm has left the farm, his spirit seems to live on and provide much needed encouragement when the labor and tedious tasks seem insurmountable.   My dad was rich with genuine and caring friends and it was this group of wonderful people that stepped in and cared for the farm and my mother, during those dark days that followed dad’s death.  The farm was maintained and managed to retained its prominence within the community.
In the fall of 2006, I retired from service with the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia and with my wife of 35 years, we moved to the farm with hopes of continuing to fulfill the dreams of my parents.  With little knowledge of pecan farming and an inventory of aged and broken equipment, the first year on the farm was filled with more than its share of significant challenges.  Through help and advice of extension agents, ample research and the acquisition of some much needed used equipment, the farm has slowly transformed itself back into the manageable and productive business once enjoyed by my father.  Additional pecan, pear and pomegranate trees have been planted and the plans have been drawn to replace a failing irrigation system with one of state of the art capabilities.  These are exciting times on the farm and the hopes of elevating its production to a new level are resident throughout.   I know my dad would be proud of the farm’s renaissance  and the direction it is headed.  Other parallel efforts that are underway is the creation of an irrigation pond and the introduction of clover and reduction of fertilizer requirements.
The farm is now established as an LLC, with the official title of Brickyard Point Farms.  The various crops produced and processed on the farm are sold at local Farmer’s Markets throughout Beaufort County and to an ever expanding number of interested customers that visits the farm.  We often open our doors to small elementary school and church groups as a means of educating young people to the mechanics and adventures of farming.  We make a sincere effort to provide warm and caring southern hospitality to all requests.