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is pleased to announce our upgraded pecan cracking and shelling equipment.  Over the past two years we have acquired  and installed new, state-of-the-art, pecan shelling equipment from the industries leader in pecan equipment products, Savage Equipment Company.  Their  "Silver Line series" revolutionizes the capability for processing pecans. This equipment produces a product that is significantly higher in pecan halves with much less unwanted debris and at an incredibly faster rate.  The results of this new equipment has dramatically improved the capabilities of our farm.As always, we continue to provide cracking and shelling services to the local community.  As much as practically possible, we will provide these services while you wait or as you desire.  We urge that you call for an appointment.


Farm: 843-521-1400



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Other information:

Jim Rathbun

240 Johnson Landing Rd

Beaufort, SC 22990

(843) 521-1400